Our priority is to provide you with the best attention on your trips with excellent quality in service, efficiency, and speed.

At VIP TOURS BY LUIS VAZ, we are a family of professionals with over 10 years of experience, characterized by our human values.



Booking and issuance of airline tickets with multiple airlines at national and international level.

Car Rental

Booking and confirmation of cars at local or international rental agencies.


Booking and confirmation of lodging in hotels that meet international quality standards.


Transfers hotel - airport - hotel in all countries for your convenience and without having to worry about getting to your destination.


Booking and issuance of air tickets with multiple airlines at national and international level.

Travel Assistance

We offer traveler assistance insurance with various coverage options during your trips.


We book all kinds of tours, entrance tickets, or excursions offered in the different countries around the world. Rental of fishing boats, catamarans, and luxury yachts.

Event Organization

Reservations at restaurants for groups and special events, themed dinners, Family Gatherings, we organize everything so that your event is a success.


Group Services

With over 10 years in the market, we are professional advisors with proven experience, providing the best travel service alternatives for your schools and groups. We offer models based on your requirements, adapting to your budget and needs with the benefits of our strategic alliances with airlines, transportation, and hotels, ensuring efficient choices.

Our added value for our groups, when they hire our services, is to provide them with the best alternatives when organizing and planning their trip.

We specialize in providing proven strategies and proactive advice to stay constantly changing and at the forefront of the business travel industry.

Travel Plan

Thinking about the comfort of our clients and offering them alternatives for flexible travel planning, we have designed the Travel Plan.

Choose the cruise or destination you like the most and start paying for it in convenient bi-weekly or monthly installments into our bank account or directly at VIP Tours By Luis Vaz.

Imagine your dream trip and see that with Our Travel Plan, you are just steps away from discovering the world.

Plan Today, Travel Tomorrow!



For renewals, it must have expired less than 48 months ago. If it has been expired for more than 48 months, it will be considered new.
Renewal appointments take about 3 months approximately to submit documents to Cargo Express since they would be by the exception of an interview.
If it is a new visa, appointments are scheduled for approximately 1 year.

For renewal or new visa, you must contact us. We have highly qualified staff to support you throughout this process.
a hand holding a passport over a map